Berg's Animal & Bug Control: We are the experts in wild animal and bat removal, hazardous fecal removal, damage repair, and bug control.

Did You Know?

* You can prevent wild animals and bugs  from living in or around your home or business?


* Wild animals and bugs can spread deadly diseases and parasites?

We can and will help you control this!.

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Experts in Mosquito Control:

Mosquitoes are carriers of some of humanity's most deadly illnesses, and they are public enemy number one in the fight against global infectious disease. Mosquito borne diseases cause millions of deaths worldwide every year.

Masters at Bat Removal, Exclusion, and Bio-Hazard Clean up:

Several highly fatal diseases have been linked to bats as reported by the CDC. Rabies is the most well-known one among many wild animals including bats. Another is histoplasmosis caused by a fungus that grows in soil and material contaminated with droppings from animals, including bats.

"If it creeps or crawls, we take care of them all"