Mike, I am going to miss all your help. After 16 years of you keeping the beavers at bay and the coyote under control, I am sad to tell you I sold my property. I did recommend you to the new owners and gave them your business card. I hope they call you.

Dr. Mike

Yearly Contract:

Mike, you saved me a ton of money. I have been fighting moles in my yard for years. I have tried all kinds of gismo and potions only to have the moles laugh at me. I was at my wits end and finally decided to call for your help. I really liked the fact that you came to my house to explain what the moles were doing and how to catch them. You showed me how to set the traps and told me where to set them. Wow! After the first night I caught the moles. I have been able to use the knowledge you taught me whenever the moles return. They do not have time to destroy my lawn before I catch them.

Thank you,


Instruction and Consulting:

Mike, Thanks again for a job well done. You came in and did exactly as you said you would, did not make a mess, left everything as good as new, and finished in a timely manner. I would recommend your services to anyone, even my enemies.



Bats/Bio-Hazard Removal:

Mike, Thank you for a job well done, I will refer you to many in the area.

Thank you